4AG Trigger Wheel


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At the request of several of our customers, we now make EDIS trigger wheels that will bolt directly onto our crank pulleys!

These will only fit on our single row, or double row crank pulleys for any model 4AG other than the Blacktop 20V. The Blacktop 20V Crank Pulley sits too close to the pan. You will have to run the Front Mount & Trigger Wheel combo to run in front of the pulley!

The mount on the back side, helping to reduce any unwanted flexing or movement, and ride directly on the boss of our pulley, insuring that they will run true at any RPM.

They can be indexed to any position you need, making them very convenient. We have added one extra hole to the pulley opposite the trigger slot to balance the steel edis wheel.

On our single row pulley, with the EDIS wheel installed it still comes in at only 1.4 lbs. That's less than one third the weight of the stock steel pulley.

As with all of our other crank pulleys, we enlarge the boss to 200% the original size to prevent keyway breakout at ANY RPM.