20V 4AGE Velocity Stacks


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100mm Techno Toy Tuning Velocitiy Stacks for the 20v 4AGE!(or for use with our ITB adapter on your 16v!)

Solid billet construction, these are machined from one piece of aluminum from beginning to end to have a true parabolic curve to the lip, helping to maximize smooth flow into the head.

These are tuned specifically for cars running at higher RPM specifically in the 7000--8,500 range! 

Perfect balance of torque and horsepower with an amazing sound and roar. Scare the guy in front of you when you are on the track and go full throttle!

Availabe in both the Silvertop bore of 47mm, or the Blacktop bore of 49mm in Raw Silver or Grey Anodize. 

Comes with all stainless buttonhead mounting hardware

We are currently changing all of our pulleys and velocity stacks to a gorgeous grey anodize but can anodize up to 10 raw pieces in a custom color for an additional fee