Velocity Stacks For Carburetors


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Techno Toy Tuning Velocitiy Stacks for the Weber, Mikuni, and Solex carburetors.

Solid billet construction, these are machined from one piece of aluminum from beginning to end.

Fully radiused mouth for maximum airflow potential.

Availabe in 40mm, 45mm and 48mm bore.

Availible in 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm height.

These have a flat flange, and do not insert down into the carb to hold the choke plate, so please check your carbs to see if they will work with your application.

Perfect balance of Torque and HP.

Amazing sound and roar. Scare the guy in front of you when you are on the track and go full throttle!

Availabe in Silver or Grey.