Big Daddy Front Brake Kit for AE86 Corolla


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The AE86 big daddy front Brake Kit is here! This kit is the largest AE86 Kit we've ever made.

This kit is an evolution of the kit that has been on my car for 14 years, and was on the car when driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya in the Hot Version video.

This kit features:

300mm x 32mm, 2 piece, super thick rotors

Machined billet aluminum rotor hats

Forged Superlite Calipers 

Super thick pads for long endurance races

3D designed and machined from billet aluminum one piece caliper mounting brackets, eliminating the standard 2 piece design and adding extra rigidity.

Stainless steel teflon coated brake lines

All Mounting hardware included.

This kit WILL fit under nearly all 15" wheels. We can provide a fitment template on request.

Your choice of brake pads from street to sport to full race. Kit comes standard with Wilwood BP-10 compound pads.

Your choice of rotors, drilled, slotted or blank.

These rotors have been tested under the most grueling road race and rally conditions and have the heat dissipation capabilities required for all your needs.

This kit will work for any vehicle that has been swapped to AE86 Spec Front Strut Casings. OEM or our Billet Hubs will also be necessary to mount the kit.