Rear Big Brake Kit for the RA40 Celica and AE86 Corolla


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Our "Rear Big Brake Kit" is now available! Using a solid 290MM rotor and a one piece billet aluminum caliper bracket straight from the axle to the caliper.

Rotors are available in blank, slotted or cross dimpled and slotted.

Pads are available from street to race, comes with all mounting hardware and stainless lines. 

These rotors have been tested under the most grueling road race and rally conditions and have the heat dissipation capabilities required for all your needs.

This kit fits the stock AE86 GTS 6.7" rear end as well as the RA40 7.5" rear end from the Celica Supra 1979--1981.

This kit may also fit other T series diff's as it bolts directly to the axle. Contact us if you'd like to explore this option.