Complete R200 Short Nose, R230 Rear End Conversion for the Z Car


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Techno Toy Tuning has a nifty setup for the rear of the 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z!

Our shop 240Z had a high HP Ford 302 in it and we've always wanted a "BETTER" solution for the CV joints and stub axles in the rear. In the past, no matter how you upgraded the U-joints and axles, you still had the weak stubshafts going through the outer hubs. If you break a stubshaft, the wheel leaves the car and heads down the road.  On the later model Nissan cars, the hub bolts to a backing plate, so no matter what, the wheel still stays attatched to the car if  you break a stubshaft.

With the HP and torque that many of our cars are producing, the factory Z stubshafts just don't hold up to the task.

We sat down and said to ourselves... "If I could have the dream setup, that would combine ALL the features we wish we could have, what would it be?" After about 9 months of design time, this is what we've com up with! We now have at least 100 of these kits in use worldwide on cars running from 250HP to 1100HP.

This setup will allow you to source and direct bolt in the following donor parts from these chassis cars: S13, S14, S15, R32, R34, Z32, Z32TT and Q45.  In order to maintain proper pinion angle and clearance, R230 differentials will require notching the beam that runs above the diff. 

1. Differential

2. Axles

3. CV Shafts

4. Hubs (both 4 lug and 5 lug)

5. Brakes

Our full rear end conversion includes:

Full rear coilovers with fabricated strut tubes, incorporating camber adjustment

Koni short stroke adjustable rear shocks

Your choice of Hyperco Race Springs

Your choice of camber plates: Cut and Bolt, Weld in, or Direct Swap Solid Pillow Mounts

Backing Plates to mount the late model hubs

New axle shafts (you send us your CV's and we convert them over and rebuild them completely for you)

New drop mounts for the rear lower control arms

New Dogbone tying it all together

New Mustache bar tailored to the exact diff you will be using

New front diff mount for the exact diff you will be using

This kit combines all the features of a rear disc brake conversion, diff conversion, CV Mount, axle, stub axle and hub conversion all in one!

It will not affect offset of the rear wheels or affect rear suspension geometry. Your car will still have perfect Z car handling after the conversion.

You can purchase the Complete Kit or individual parts as needed. Buy directly from our website if you want everything below, or e-mail us direclty if you want individual components. Either way, we'll need to talk to you to tailor the kit to fit your specific needs.

Depending on current demand, fabrication time may be 4-6 weeks.

If using an S13 differential, you will need to switch to an S14 differential cover. (S13 has 4 bolt holes, S14 has 2) 

Optional upgrades now available:

1. Switch out front diff mount to Steel Power Cradle Assembly (includes Fancy Caps Front and Rear, Steel Power Braces, and Steel Power Cradle with Adjustable Power Cradle Blocks)

2. Switch out front diff mount to Billet Power Cradle Assembly (includes Fancy Caps Front and Rear, Billet Power Braces, and Billet Power Cradle with adjustable Power Cradle Blocks....Also upgrades steel dogbone to Billet Dogbone)