Z Power Cradle for Short Nose R200/R230 and Ford 8.8


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Our goal has always been to make great sports cars better without upsetting their legendary characteristics. The S30 Z car is great in factory form but the rear suspension flexes quite a bit, especially in high horsepower cars. For Z's using our Short Nose R200/R230 Rear End Conversion we've made a massive improvement to the original design with our new Power Cradle! We have effectively tied together the front to rear and side to side mounting points of the rear lower control arms offering improved strength of the independent rear suspension for high horsepower street cars or drag racing, road racing and auto cross participants! The Power Cradle also replaces our previous Short Nose Front Differential Mount and moves the Differential's front mounting point into a much stronger position! 

Our Power Cradle Assembly is combined with the newest version of our Power Braces as well as our full Drop Mount Cap Set.  The Power Cradle itself can be purchased seperately as well if you decide to upgrade in the future! 

We have two styles available, in either anodized Billet Aluminum or  powder coated wrinkle black Steel. 

Due to tight clearance our rear lower control arms are required for this product to function properly. Factory arms will contact and damge the power cradle assembly.