Ultimate Steering Rack for the AW11


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If you are looking for a replacement manual Steering Rack for your AW11 we are now offering the ultimate upgrade!

Our Ultimate Steering Rack for the AW11 features 100% brand new parts and reduces the steering ratio from 3.5 turns to 2.5 turns! We also include brand new AW11 inner tie rods, and boots! 

You no longer have to dig through the junkyard for a used AW11 manual rack or rebuild your existing rack to upgrade to a quicker steering ratio!

This is an AE86 Rack but will work as a direct replacement for AW11 with manual steering racks in most cases. 

In most cases the factory intermediate shaft will have enough slip to engage the splines of the steering rack. If the intermediate shaft is found to be too short than the MK3 Intermediate shaft will need to be purchased HERE or sourced additionally to make it all come together. 

Equipped with OEM size AW11 inner tie rod ends.