Complete Ford 8.8 Rear End Conversion for 240Z 260Z 280Z


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Techno Toy Tuning has a nifty setup for the rear of the 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z!

Our shop 240Z had a high HP Ford 302 in it and we've always wanted a "BETTER" solution for the CV joints and stub axles in the rear. In the past, no matter how you upgraded the U-joints and axles, you still had the weak stubshafts going through the outer hubs. If you break a stubshaft, the wheel leaves the car and heads down the road.  On the later model Nissan cars, the hub bolts to a backing plate, so no matter what, the wheel still stays attatched to the car if  you break a stubshaft.

With the HP and torque that many of our cars are producing, the factory Z stubshafts just don't hold up to the task.

We sat down and said to ourselves... "If I could have the dream setup, that would combine ALL the features we wish we could have, what would it be?" After about 9 months of design time, we came up with a kit that used parts from a modern Nissan to hold higher horsepower and make the S30 a safer car. Fast forward ten years, we now have 1000's of these kits in use worldwide on cars running from 250HP to 1100HP! 

Nissan parts are now becoming scarce in the junkyards, builders are swapping to 6 speed Transmission's and aiming for higher horsepower numbers than ever before. This sent us back to the drawing board to see how we could meet the demands of our customers! After another year of design time we are proud to introduce our Ford 8.8 Rear End Conversion for the Z Car! 

Our 8.8 conversion kit comes with a ton of extra value! In addition to the mounting components, this kit includes our custom aluminum differential cover, brand new outer 5-lug hubs in your choice of stud length, and brand new completely assembled CV’s with custom machined and heat-treated axles. The 8.8 kit makes sourcing gear ratios and affordable limited slip differentials so much easier.

Which diff does this kit fit? The 8.8 Differential our kit uses is from 07-10 Ford Explorer (non sport-trac) or Mercury Mountaineer. 8.8 REC kit is available ONLY IN 5-LUG at this time, 4-lug options are being explored.
The 8.8 differential cover must be used for our kit. It has the correct spacing and holes for mounting to our mustache bar. The hub adapters, hubs, and axles are also required for 8.8 REC mounting.

If you have our existing R200/R230 Rear End Conversion you may upgrade by purchasing select components. Your existing coilovers, backing plates, brake kit, and Evolved mustache bar can all be re-used. The 8.8 REC does require the use of our Power Cradle for the differential mounting. The older steel style front diff mount for R200/R230 is not compatible with the 8.8 differential.

You may also use our T3 Rear BBK or Micro Rear BBK with or without E-brake. This kit also allows the use of S13/S14/Z32 factory rear disc brakes complete. We do not currently offer an e-brake solution for use with the S chassis brakes, but many of our customers have worked out their own solutions with just a little bit of creativity.

The Complete 8.8 REC kit consist of:

Rear Coilovers with Koni Adjustable Shocks and Hyperco Springs in the rate of your choice

Your Choice of Solid Pillow Mounts, Weld-In Camber Plates or Cut and Bolt-In Camber Plates 

Mustache bar with urethane bushings 

Billet Drop mounts

Dogbone (steel or billet aluminum)

Camber adjustable Backing Plates, R/L

Power Cradle assembly (steel or billet aluminum)

Fancy Caps for Cradle, front and rear

Custom 8.8 Diff Cover

Custom 8.8 CV’s complete with axles

8.8 5 Lug Hubs with long studs

8.8 Hub adapter brackets

Required parts:

Customer supplied 8.8 differential (07-10 Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer) no need to obtain axles and hubs 

T3 Rear Lower Control Arms. Due to tight clearance our rear lower control arms are required for this product to function properly. Factory arms will contact and damge the power cradle assembly.

T3 Rear BBK or Micro Rear BBK is required for this Ford 8.8 rear end conversion.

Optional parts:

T3 Rear Swaybar

T3 Rear Billet Swaybar Clamps

Our kit will not affect offset of the rear wheels or affect rear suspension geometry. Your car will still have perfect Z car handling after the conversion.

You can purchase the Complete Kit or individual parts as needed. Buy directly from our website if you want the full kit, or e-mail us direclty if you want individual components. Either way, we'll need to talk to you to tailor the kit to fit your specific needs.

Depending on current demand, fabrication time may be 4-6 weeks.

Required modifications and notes;

Your chassis must be notched right above the diff cover just like if you were installing an R230, the 8.8 is a large diff. We include a weld in reenforcement plate.

Rear differential cover has fill plug in a higher location that the vent is attached to. Differential oil capacity is 1.8 Qts. DO NOT OVERFILL.

Availability: Availability varies, please contact us for any questions